Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cutouts and tigers

Hi guys! I had a hard week working, but now I'm done! No working anymore, just relaxing and enjoying the last month of summer.
Tomorrow I am going back to Pärnu again for the last time this summer. I hope the weather is good, today it's warm, but really grey and ugly.
This post's outfit is an outfit I wore recently when the weather was a little bit colder. I wore my favourite sweater with big cutouts and my skater skirt with tiger print. It's actually a high waisted skirt, but it worked better low waisted with this outfit. I accessorized the outfit with a brown bag, brown oxfords and a big ring.
Teree! Mul oli raske töökas nädal, aga nüüd on kõik! Ei mingit töötamist enam, ainult puhkan ja naudin viimast suvekuud.
Homme ma lähen selle suve viimast korda tagasi Pärnusse. Ma loodan, et ilm läheb heaks, täna on küll soe, aga väga kole ja hall.
Selle postituse outfit on outfit, mid ma hiljuti kandsin, kui ilm natuke külmem oli. Mul kansin oma lemmikut suurte väljalõigetega kampsunit koos skater stiilis tiigritega seelikuga. See on tegelikult kõrge värvliga seelik, aga selle outfitiga mõjus ta madala värvliga paremini. Ma lisasin kostüümile pruuni koti, pruunid oxfordi jalanõud ja suure sõrmuse.

Sweater: Jennyfer/skirt, ring: H&M/ shoes: Vagabond/ bag: New Yorker


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Interview with Oksana from Foxy Oxie Supernova

It's been quite long since my last interview, so I decided to do a new one. It's with Oksana from the blog http://foxyoxiesupernova.blogspot.com/ . She is currently on a 5 month trip across Europe and I love keeping up with her travels, so I decided to ask her a few questions about it. 


1) Where are you originally from? 

2)  How did you come up with the idea to go on a big trip across Europe for five months? 
The following quote perfectly sums up the answer to this question: "It is in all of us to defy expectations, to go into the world and to be brave, and to want, to need, to hunger for adventure, to embrace change and chance and risk so that we may breathe and know what it is to be free." 

3)  What places have you visited already and where are you going next? 
The list is long... It might be easier to list the places we haven't been to! So far we visited a total of 18 countries (36 cities). I will be posting a photo diary for each place, so if you're looking for vacation inspiration be sure to check out my blog! As far as where we're going next, this entire adventure has been very spontaneous, so I think a proper answer would be "wherever the wind takes us." :)

4)  Which places did you like the best and why? 
Every country is so unique in its beauty and culture, making it impossible to choose a favorite. Each time we visit a new city, I say, "This one is definitely my favorite," only to find the next one even more mesmerizing and captivating. I've fallen madly in love with every single place and cannot wait to rediscover the magic of each city in totally new ways the next time I visit! 


5)  What city that you visited had the best street style? 
I couldn't possibly pick just one! Of course, there are the obvious cities like Paris, Milan, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona... But then there are cities like Stockholm, which may not necessarily be ranked as a top fashion capital, but I found it to be just my cup of tea! Not only is Stockholm the epitome of effortless style, it's also a vintage shopping paradise - two things I cannot resist! 

6) Was it hard packing outfits for five months? 
Oh dear, it was an absolute mess! Even though my readers gave me such helpful advice when I was packing, there was no way I could have foreseen the terrible cold front that has swept over Europe this year, forcing my cute summer dresses, tops and skirts to stay at the bottom of my suitcase. Looking on the bright side, I have gained so much knowledge about packing and traveling in style that I could write an entire book about it! 

Extra question: Are you going to visit Estonia? :) 
Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be making a stop in Estonia this time around, although I hear it's quite beautiful! Some of my relatives used to live in Tallinn, so I would definitely like to visit it one day!

Be sure to check out her blog http://foxyoxiesupernova.blogspot.com/ for more of her amazing travel photos.
Thank you again so so much for agreeing to answer my questions.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Autumny summer

Hello! This is my last post from Pärnu, I'm going back to Tallinn tomorrow. I'm sad to leave but at the same time I miss my home. Next week I am working at my mum's restaurant again and it's gonna be a hard week.
What's up with the weather? It's been cold and rainy for the last few days and today we took pictures at a park where there were yellow leaves on the ground. It's not even August yet...
Today I'm wearing my vertically striped shirt with high waisted shorts, studded shoes, studded headband and a leather jacket. Why do I have to wear a leather jacket in July?
Tere! See on mu viimane postitus Pärnust, ma lähen homme Tallinnasse tagasi. Kurb on ära minna, aga samas ma igatsen oma kodu. Järgmisel nädalal töötan ma jälle oma restoranis ja see tuleb üks raske nädal.
Mis selle ilmaga toimub? Viimased paar päeva on olnud nii külm ja vihmane ja täna me tegime pilte pargis, kus olid kollased lehed maas. Ei ole veel isegi august...
Täna on mul seljas mu püstipidiste triipudega särk kõrge värvliga lühikeste teksade, neetidega kingade, neetidega peavõru ja nahktagiga. Miks ma pean juulis nahktagi kandma?

PS! You can see that I changed the layout of this blog a little bit. Wanted something a little bit more summery and bright.

shorts, shirt, jacket: H&M, headband: Seppälä, shoes: TopShop

Photos by: Anu


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Introducing Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia

Hey guys! Today I'm introducing you to the little city I'm in right now.
But first, about my today's outfit. I like to call it a cross between a farmer and a sailor. I'm wearing short overalls with a striped shirt, brown bag and black sandals. It's really windy today, so it really is a great outfit. Good for cycling too.
Tere!! Täna ma tutvustan teile Pärnu linna, aga ainult inglise keeles, sest eestlased teavad ise ka Pärnut :)
Aga kõigepealt minu tänasest outfitist. Mulle meeldib öelda, et see on midagi farmeri ja meremehe vahepealset. Mul on seljas lühikesed traksipüksid, triibuline särk, pruun kott ja jalas mustad lahtised kingad. Täna on väga tuuline, nii et see on väga hea outfit. Rattaga sõitmiseks sobib ka hästi.


Overalls: Lindex/ shirt: Reserved/ bag, shoes: H&M 

And now about Pärnu

With the population of 42,000, Pärnu is the 4th most populous city in Estonia, but definitely the second most popular after the capital Tallinn.
Many people from all over Estonia and also tourists visit Pärnu in the summer because of the great big beach and overall summery feeling. The sea water in Pärnu is always warmer than in the rest of Estonia because it is located next to a bay.
It's just a 1 h 40 min drive from Tallinn:

Pärnu's city center is divided into two parts: the beach area and the old town + mall area.

The beach area has many nice cafés and is the main tourist attraction with it's sand beach and green parks.

The old town area is more popular with locals. There are three big malls, a theatre, a library, a bus station and much more. The old town itself is really small with one big street with many nice cafés.

The most famous street of Pärnu, Supeluse connects the two parts of the city center:

But there are many more nice spots in Pärnu.

Like this big park. The Pärnu river flows through it, there are the Tallinn gates and there's also this square where most of the concerts in Pärnu are held:

But there are also jetties:

And this beautiful Ammende Villa:

Photos by: Anu & Kaisa

These are some things in Pärnu, but there are many more beautiful spots to discover in this little Estonian town.