Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spring 2013 playlist

Hey guys! I've done music posts before in the summer, but my taste in music has changes COMPLETELY. I used to listen to very mainstream pop radio hits, but now I don't like them at all anymore.
In the end of last year I started looking for new music to listen to and I changed my whole iTunes library. I downloaded a lot of new music and I noticed that some of my favorite bands had the same genre in iTunes and that's how I discovered my new favorite: Indie Folk. I also like indie rock and some older alternative.
These are my top 15 songs at the moment:
15. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
14. Beach House - Other people
I love this Beach House's album, it puts me into a very good mood
13. The Lumineers - Flowers in Your Hair

I found The Lumineers becuase of their hit song Ho Hey and I love their album

12. Lana Del Rey - Burning Desire
I've always loved Lana

11. Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
I also like Keane very much. My mom always listened to them when I was younger and I love their older stuff

10. The Pierces - Kill!Kill!Kill!
I found The Pirces because I watch Pretty Little Liars and they perform the show's theme song. This song is from their album Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge, which is my favorite

9. Mumford And Sons - Sigh No More
Mumford And Sons is one of the most famous indie folk bands

8. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
Old, but good. I like older King of Leon, their newer stuff is not very good

7. Mumford And Sons - White Blank Page
6. Of Monsters And Men - King And Lionheart
This band from Iceland is one of my favorites. Their music always brings a smile to my face

5. Keane - Crystal Ball
My favorite Keane song

4. Beirut - Santa Fe

My dad recommended me this band

3. Bon Iver - Skinny Love
Probably the most famous indie folk artist

2. Mumford And Sons - Little Lion Man
1. Of Monsters And Men - Lakehouse
My favorite song at the moment. Listen to the lyrics!!

I hope you liked my music,
xx Kaisa

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