Monday, 1 April 2013


Hii! I'm happily back from Spain:)). Actually have been for over a week now. I had so much stuff to do at school so I didn't have any time to post, sorry.
So it was Easter... We went to Pärnu to see Anu's grandparents. It was a nice relaxing long weekend. We painted eggs like little kids like every year. But what was different about this time was that all the buses were full so we took the TRAIN back to Tallinn. It rode 1 more longer than the bus, but there was lots of room so I read some magazines and watched my TV series. It was actually nice for a change:).
Now about my today's outfit. I have this black dress-thingy, which is a little bit weird. It has a lace skirt and layered top with little chains. I mixed it with a black blazer, studded boots, greenish tights(for color) and golden and brown jewelry including a tiger necklace. Different animal necklaces are trendy too. It all started with owls, which were very popular like a year ago and now there are many different animals to choose from. Mine is a tiger :)

Photos by: Anu
dress: Zara, blazer: Takko fashion, boots: Francesco Milano, necklace: Pimkie, bracelet, ring: Claire's, watch: Fossil


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