Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dirty dog

Hey guys! I moved into my mom's house on Friday. And we went to pick William up yesterday. He was still at my step grandmother's country house with a huge garden and two big dogs. He lived there for a month, but now I finally have him back. So so happy:)
Yesterday my friend from class Helina came over, we stayed up 'till 2 am and finished my school interview project I've talked about. I'm so so happy with the result, but I can't post it here yet, I have to add English subtitles first.
Today all the people from my mom's restaurant are coming over for a little welcome back party. My step dad's making Italian pizza and I think we're gonna have a lot of fun:).
We went to take blog pictures with Helina and William today. Willy had been running around our yard for the whole day and I think he had dug something up, because he was extremely dirty:).
I'm wearing a khaki mini skirt with brown boots, brown bag, wool coat, black sweater, golden ring and an awesome necklace with a bull head.

Photos by: Helina

Coat, skirt, necklace: Zara, ring, sweater: H&M, bag: New Yorker, boots: Vans


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