Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The End of Winter Season

Hi guys!
My mom's family went back to Italy. In the morning the drove on the great highways of Germany with my mom's BMW and now they've just reached Italy and are drinking cappuccinos and eating paninis. Without me. Oh, how I wish I was there with them. Fortunately we're going on our trip to Spain in exactly one week!!
I want to talk about the weather in Estonia. There was a big snow storm this weekend and there was A LOT of snow and then in the beginning of the week it started getting warmer and the snow started melting. Today's it's over 2C degrees and very sunny, I guess maybe spring is finally coming. Yayy!!!:)
The weather is changing and that means that fashion is also changing. It's the last time to wear the winter's trends because it's almost time for new fresh spring trends. So today I decided to wear some of my winter trends for maybe the last time. I wore a sweater with a bat picture on it, dark red pants, a chain necklace, studded black boots and a huge ring. Animal sweaters were very very popular this past winter season. Especially sweaters with tiger pictures. They look super cute with just a pair of jeans of leather skirts or something like that. Also this dark red color was very in fashion and chain necklaces which I've already talked about. Today we took the pictures in our garage which is in the basement. I also posed with some tires:))

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Photos by: Anu

Sweater, ring: H&M, pants: Zara, boots: Francesco Milano

Trend pics:

Until next time,
xx Kaisa

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