Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spain post #3

Hi everyone! The last few days have been interesting. On Monday the weather got really really warm and sunny. It was even 28C degrees at some point. We even got to sunbathe a little bit by the pool, but it was too windy, so we didn't stay for long. 
On Monday I finally wore some brighter colors - a yellow top. I matched it with with tight black pants, denim jacket and aviator sunglasses.
Yesterday we rented a car. We drove 200 km to Granada to see a Moorish palace, but it was raining cats and dogs, so we decided not to go inside. We looked at pictures in a souvenir shop instead. We didn't see the city of Granada either, because we couldn't find the city center and decided to go back to Marbella. So we basically drove 400 km for nothing. 
Today was a very great day. My mom recommended us this nice little city in the mountains called Ronda. It is 70 km from Marbella. The road was in the mountains so it was really really hard and when we finally reached the city, then it was very cold. We walked around a little bit and visited a bull fighting arena, which was very impressive. I have a lot of pictures of the arena. Afterwards we saw the main attraction of Ronda - the AMAZING views. There were these really tall bridges and many mountains. You'll get it when you see the pictures.
Today I wore vertical stripes again, but this time a striped top with denim jacket, leather skirt, studded bag and round sunglasses.
Maybe we're going to Tangiers, Morocco, AFRICA tomorrow! I'm super excited and already want to post about it:)



Some amazing food we´ve eaten here:)
Photos by: me and Anu


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