Friday, 15 March 2013

First days in Spain

Hiii!! On Wednesday we travelled to Spain. Our first flight was from Tallinn to Brussels at 7:10 am. Then we had to wait in Brussels for 3 hours. We drank morning coffee at Starbucks (we don't have Starbucks in Estonia so I'm always very excited about that). 
At around three o'clock we were in Malaga, Spain. Then we thought we would take a taxi to Marbella, but there were five of us(including my baby brother) so we didn't fit into one taxi. We had to wait for a bus. 
By 4 pm we had reached Marbella. The weather wasn't very warm, around 15C degrees with very cold wind. I hadn't eaten anything since the morning so I was very very hungry and we went to this really good little pincho bar and I ate 'till I couldn't even walk.It was a long and hard day. 
Yesterday we woke up quite early because of the baby and went to find some place to have breakfast at. We found a nice little bar on a sunny plaza. It was so nice and warm in the sunlight. After breakfast we decided to walk 3 km to a big supermarket, but it turned out it was 6 km away. So we walked about 3 km and were all exhausted so we decided to take the bus. When we finally reached El Corte Inglès in Puerto Banùs then we did some shopping and I bought some things I'm gonna wear on this trip too.
I planned on wearing colorful and summery clothes here, but yesterday I just couldn't resist my super comfortable cargo pants. I wore them with a simple top, little black jacket, nude colored flats, studded bag, round sunglasses, a scarf and some jewelry. I decided to put my hair up in a bun, because I thought it was gonna be very windy yesterday too, although it really wasn't. 
Today we just walked on the beach promenade the whole day and then afterwards in the old town and so on. 
Today I wore a maxi skirt with my DIY men's t-shirt, denim jacket, white sneakers, studded bag and some jewelry.

Yesterday's outfit:

Today´s outfit:

View of the costa del sol from the airplane

Belgian chocolate from Belgium

My baby brother

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