Monday, 25 March 2013

Interview with fashion bloggers from NYC

I did an interview with David and Erica, a Wardrobe Styling duo, who are also fashion bloggers from the blog . I admire their blog, because it's very unique that it's about two people and I love how they match their outfits. It's so awesome :). I also love bloggers from New York, because I wanna move there some day and the style of that city is superb.

Here's the interview:

1)    Why did you start blogging?

As wardrobe stylists working on set and styling models and musicians, we are always meeting other industry professionals. Often times, people would compliment us on what we were wearing ourselves. So we decided to start the blog and use it as an outlet. Not only to help promote what we do professionally, but to make ourselves more approachable and accessible and really just connect with the fashion community in a different way.

2)    What motivates you to keep blogging?

We really enjoy blogging because it allows us to not only have fun, but grow with our personal style. We can be playful and discover new ways to dress ourselves, and our future clients! Blogging has also proven to be an amazing outlet and we have met, conversed, and even worked with so many awesome people through blogging.

3)    How long have you been blogging?

We have been blogging for two years now, and loving every minute!

4)    Who are your fashion icons?

Erica: My fashion icon is my grandmother! Always poised and elegantly dressed, my grandmother inspired me ever since I was little. The Ferragamo heels, Armani clutches, and fur caplets are all treasures I have from her and incorporate into my everyday looks!

David: I would have to say my fashion icon is Pete Doherty. Always a fan of classic English menswear, I love me some oxfords, and bowties for a dandy appeal mixed with edgy pieces like a leather jacket and combat boots, I think Pete accomplishes this very well.

5) What are your favorite items in your closet?

Erica: My favorite items in my closet are my leather pants, and oversized flannels. This is a “go to” chic and easy look for me, and I just couldn’t live without them!
David: I’m completely obsessed with jackets, so really my favorite pieces are my camoflouge jacket and my classic black leather biker jacket. I also wear blazers pretty much everyday and have a grey tweed one I’ve been dying to get back into!

5)    Can you describe the New York street style?

New York street style, we feel, is really just about uniqueness and individuality. Not being afraid to pull from different categories of fashion and mix them together to create something new. It’s all about how you choose to wear your clothes, not where you purchased them. In New York, you’ll never get bored checking out other people’s looks and fashion choices which is why we love it here so much!

6)    What kind of music inspires you?

We listen to a lot of Jeff Buckley, Mike Snow, and Fiona Apple! We also enjoy our top 40 every now and then J

8) What are your future plans?

Our plan is to continue growing our business and be able to travel more. Traveling is a big priority to us so we would love to be doing more of that within the next year. We also plan on continuing to advance our blog of course! For us it’s all about progression and discovering what life has to offer!

10) What do you do, when you're not busy blogging?

When we aren’t blogging we are working. We are freelance wardrobe stylists and run our own business, so most of our days are taken up running around pulling fabulous clothing and prepping for the next shoot! When we aren’t working however, we can be found in front of the TV, catching up on all our reality shows we missed haha!

11) What were the last things you bought?

Erica: The last thing I bought was a classic black shift dress from Kensie. I saw it in the store and just had to have it immediately!

David: The last thing I bought was a pair of cranberry red velvet loafers by Cole Haan, I’m so obsessed with them I have to refrain from wearing them everyday!

12) What advice can you give to new bloggers?

Our advice to new bloggers would be to stay true to your own style and have fun with it! Whether you’re blogging about fashion, food, music, or all of that and more, make sure you stay consistent and give your readers something to depend on!

Thank you so much for the interview and I wish you best of luck :)

Kaisa with LPFashionPhilosophy

Friday, 22 March 2013

Day trip to Africa

So yesterday we visited Tangier, Morocco.In the morning we drove 100 km to Tarifa. Tarifa´s like the windiest spot in Europe and the wind fas enormous. We were about to buy the ferry tickets, when we discovered that we only had four passports with us. My baby brother's was missing. So we thought that was it and were all depressed, Anu even cried. But then my dad thought of a solution - my step mom and the baby stayed in Tarifa at a hotel and we went to Africa with my dad and Anu. The ferry ride was 45 minutes long from Tarifa to Tangier, like in the Coelho book The Alchemist:). On the ship we saw an Estonian! He worked on the ferry and told us that surprisingly many Estonians work on the ferries from Spain to Morocco.
We reached Tangier at 1 pm local time. At the port many many people came to offer us stuff like taxi rides and tour guides and so on. They were all fake trying to rob tourists. There were so many people around us during the whole day. They were whistling and offering stuff and so on. Bothering. It was very warm and sunny in the city. I only wore a light blouse and a maxi skirt and I was hot. I felt that I wasn't in Europe anymore. It had an African vibe and feeling. Also it smelled differently. We tried to go to a restaurant my dad had picked out from tripadvisor, but we couldn't find it and even got lost. We were in a very dubious neighborhood with narrow streets and local people trying to sell us stuff. Finally we went back to a more normal area and found an OK restaurant to eat at. I ate cous cous with vegetables and it was very delicious, but the portion was huge Afterwards we bought a whole kilo ofsweets at a little pastry shop. They are delicious, but I found a little wormy inside my pastry and Anu was very scared.
In the evening we sailed back to Spain on a ferry that used to ride from Tallinn to Helsinki. This is the same ship that took me abroad for the first time in my life when I was 5 months old. My dad remembered it and I've seen the pictures:) Yesterday to Morocco I decided to wear a maxi skirt, because it's an Islamic country and all the locals wear long costumes. I matched my military colored skirt with a light white blouse, studded leather jacket(which I didn't wear most of the time), studded bag, round sunglasses and some golden jewelry. All in all it was an exciting and adventurous day trip. I would not want to do it again, but it was a nice experience. I'm glad it's done. Today is our last full day here in Spain, we're going back to Estonia through London tomorrow night. :(


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spain post #3

Hi everyone! The last few days have been interesting. On Monday the weather got really really warm and sunny. It was even 28C degrees at some point. We even got to sunbathe a little bit by the pool, but it was too windy, so we didn't stay for long. 
On Monday I finally wore some brighter colors - a yellow top. I matched it with with tight black pants, denim jacket and aviator sunglasses.
Yesterday we rented a car. We drove 200 km to Granada to see a Moorish palace, but it was raining cats and dogs, so we decided not to go inside. We looked at pictures in a souvenir shop instead. We didn't see the city of Granada either, because we couldn't find the city center and decided to go back to Marbella. So we basically drove 400 km for nothing. 
Today was a very great day. My mom recommended us this nice little city in the mountains called Ronda. It is 70 km from Marbella. The road was in the mountains so it was really really hard and when we finally reached the city, then it was very cold. We walked around a little bit and visited a bull fighting arena, which was very impressive. I have a lot of pictures of the arena. Afterwards we saw the main attraction of Ronda - the AMAZING views. There were these really tall bridges and many mountains. You'll get it when you see the pictures.
Today I wore vertical stripes again, but this time a striped top with denim jacket, leather skirt, studded bag and round sunglasses.
Maybe we're going to Tangiers, Morocco, AFRICA tomorrow! I'm super excited and already want to post about it:)



Some amazing food we´ve eaten here:)
Photos by: me and Anu


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Getting to know Marbella

Hey guys! It´s our fourth day here in Marbella, Spain. Yesterday and today the weather hasn´t been very good. It´s cloudy and rainy. Fortunately it´s quite warm: 18C-20C degrees. Yesterday we decided to spend the whole day shopping at a huge shopping center near Marbella called La Cañada. I bought some awesome stuff and I´m wearing some of it today. Yesterday I wore a purple leather jacket and matched it with white pants, white sneakers, black studded bag and a black top with little jewels. I also painted my lips pink to make the outfit a bit more interesting. I bought a new phone case too and it matched my outfit very well. Today we woke up late nd went to find something to do. It´s Sunday so most restaurants and shops are closed. We ate breakfast at an excellent bakery and afterwards walked around the city a little bit. Visited the local church and reached some parts of the old town we hadn´t seen before. Today I´m wearing my new black studded leather jacket with new vertically striped pants, brown top, brown bag and some golden jewelry(including my watch and an awesome studded bracelet). I have some pictures of the city, my outfits and some awesome desserts I´ve eaten lately(New York style cheesecake at Block House, a chocolate napoletana with coffee and macaroons at the little bakery.

Yesterday´s outfit: