Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about this very special thing I did on Saturday. I went to a casting! The casting was for an Italian modeling agency in Tallinn called Icon, which also has a department here.
It was held at a nightclub in the city center of Tallinn.
I was very nervous the night before and also the morning before the casting and I didn't even sleep much. But luckily I could bring a photographer to take pictures for my blog and I brought my very good friend from my class, Anu was in Finland with her father:)
Firstly, I had to fill out a form about myself and wait for some time. After a while I was called in. Then they took some photos of me next to a wall. I hope I didn't seem too nervous in the photos.
Afterwards, I also had to walk on a small stage. I walked at the fashion show, which I talked about in my last post, so I thought I knew how to walk, but again I'm not so sure about how I did. I wasn't feeling very confident, but we'll see:)
I decided to wear a very simple outfit to the casting: a black top, my new military colored cargo pants, a warm dark red cardigan and black heels. I also straightened my hair and didn't wear ANY make-up.
I haven't got any feedback from the agency yet, but I'll keep you posted. All in all I liked this experience very much and even if I don't get in, I'll be stronger and know what to expect next time.
We didn't get many good pictures from the event, but I tried to organize as many as possible. I'll also post a video that was taken at the casting.

I'm also trying this thing, so please leave your feedback: sayat.me/KaisaHanna/ 
Click for more pics + the video :)

Photos by: Briks

Pants: Zara, top: Terranova, shoes, cardigan: Pull&Bear


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