Thursday, 27 December 2012


In my last post, I talked about my trip to Genoa. After visiting that beautiful city, we drove South, to the Italian riviera. It was even warmer and sunnier than in Genoa there.
First, we drove to some small fancy villages with big villas.If I ever wanted to buy a villa in northern Italy, I would totally buy one there. It was very very beautiful.
Afterwards, we went to the little local village, where our hotel was. We stayed at a nice little villa accommodation. We arrived there when it was already dark, but the place reminded me of the hotel we stayed at in Tuscany when I was little.
The next day we visited a touristic village called Vernazza, which was right next to the sea. There were mountains even next to the sea and the little road to the village was very scary. There was also a train station at the village and that’s how all the tourists got there, but of course we didn't know that before.
The village itself was really cute, like a small Italian villageJ . And of course the view of the sea was nice. But there were too many tourists .
After Vernazza, we drove home through the town of Parma. Both, parmesan cheese and Parma ham come from this city and of course we also bought some parmesan. That’s very very good. The town wasn't very nice, it was boring. And it was dark and cold and foggy, maybe that’s why it didn't leave a good impression.
I also wanted to talk about the outfit I wore on the Vernazza-Parma day. I wore my lace shorts. I love wearing summer clothes in the winter, it’s different and fun. I matched it with a pink top, my black coat, warm knee socks, brown boots and a pair of white sunglasses.


top, knee socks, bag: H&M, coat, shorts: Zara, sunglasses: Lindex, boots: little shop in Spain

Photos by: me and my mom


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