Friday, 21 December 2012

Milano fashion post

Hi everyone! This is my last post-in-a-row and this is also the longest of the three. But don't worry, I also want to tell you about Genoa and others.

The guests that we went to lake Como(which I talked about in my last post) also wanted to go to Milano and I was thrilled about that, because y’all know I love that city endlessly. There we walked aroung the city center a little bit, visited the Duomo and Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II and we also reached via Montenapoleone. The shopping area of Montenapoleone was gooorgeous, but there were super expensive shops.
Christmas is coming!! There was a Christmas tree in front of the Milanese Duomo and it was covered with cute little red bows. We saw the tree in daylight and also when it was a little darker, when it was covered with lights and lookes very very good.
This is partly a fashion post too: we took pictures of the outfit I wore in Milan. I wore a black sweater with big holes on the sleeves. I've wanted a sweater or top like that for a very long time now and I finally bought one from the huge shopping center in Bergamo. I wore my sweater with an army-colored mini skirt, leg warmers, a big warm scarf and brown boots. I hope you like the outfit and all the other pictures:)

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Wearing: sweater: Jennyfer, bracelets, leg warmers: H&M, skirt: Zara, bag: New Yorker, scarf: Lindex, boots: little shop in Spain

Piazza del Duomo:

With my mother

The Milanese Christmas market

The tree in lights

Inside the Duomo

Other places:

La Scala opera house

Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II

Photos by: me and my mom

Until next posts,
xx Kaisa

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