Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lago di Como

Buon giorno! This is the second of my three posts in a row about my week here, in Italy.

After visiting Verona(which I talked about in my last post), we went shopping at an enormous center in Bergamo and our next guests came. With these two guests, we first visited lake Como, one of the 3 great Italian Alp lakes(Como, Garda and Iseo). The lakeside villages were really cute and beautiful and the coastline views were really really amazing. There we explored some villages and ate at a really good local trattoria. I have seen two of the 3 lakes and I liked Como even more than Iseo, it’s like a summer paradise and it was even sunny now, in December. I have some magnificent photos of the lake.

Afterwards, there's more Como!!

Photos by: me and my mom


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