Saturday, 15 December 2012

Back in Italy: Verona

Hello hello! I've now been back in Italy for a week and I visited Estonia less than two weeks ago. Now I'm going to Genoa tomorrow with my mom and baby brother!:)
There’s not much to talk about when it comes to my trip to Estonia: I studied, wrote a lot of papers, hanged out with my friends(yayy, miss them already), went to the movies, did stupid stuff at home with Anu and the 4 days went by really quickly and voila, I was back in Italy.
When I came back here, 4 guests from Estonia also came and we had two very busy days. With them, we visited some small villages in the Italian Alps and also lake Iseo. It was a very cold day and it was even snowing and we were all freezing, but the lake was sooo wonderful and we also checked out a little christmas market, which was very cute.
The next day we drove to Verona, the romantic city in Northern Italy, where Romeo and Julliet took place. None of us had never been there before and we all enjoyed the city very much. We walked around the magnificent old town and ate at a very good little restaurant. Afterwards, we visited the spectacular Roman Arena and the view from up there was really amazing. We also saw the Veronan Duomo and the beautiful view of the river that flows through this city. The last sight we visited was the house, where Julliet is said to have lived. It was just closing up, so we only got to take a little look of the house and of course take some pictures, I have A LOT of them again.

PS! I wanted to do a much longer post, but decided to cut it into three parts, so I have two more posts waiting to be posted in the next few days!

The little villages and lake Iseo:

With two Jakobs at the Christmas market

A small village next to Iseo

Lago d'Iseo 
Click for Verona pictures!

In Verona:

Julliet's balcony

The church

The view from Roman Arena

This is the arena from inside

The arena from outside


Until my next posts about lake Como and Milan + a fashion post,
xxoxxx Kaisa

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