Thursday, 22 November 2012

My new life in ITALIA

Hi my loyal readers, who still hopefully haven’t forgotten about me! I’m so sorry, but I took a little break from blogging. I was so busy with the whole moving to Italy thing and now I am actually here!
This is a very big post: I want to talk about EVERYTHING. I have so many pictures I want to show you guys, from Estonia and the road trip here + of course the beautiful place I’m living in now.
First, let’s start with old pictures from Estonia. They’re of our trip to Stockholm with my best friends, packing and my very last day at school before leaving. Also, my friends threw me a surprise party a few days before leaving. It was so cute and I had no idea. I went to my mother’s house and they were all in the kitchen and surprised me. I love and miss them so much.
We found these shoes of my mum's while packing and I fell in love with them

The surprise party

My other little brother, who is in Estonia

On the ship to Stockholm

We had snow in October in Estonia


The last day of school
Click "read more" for more pictures and text. This post includes 52 pictures!

We left for Italy on November 8th. We drove by car, because we had so much stuff + a baby and a dog so, it would've been very difficult to come by airplane. We had to drive through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. The distance from Tallinn to Villa d'Ogna (the village I live in now) is 2500 km and we drove without a sleeping break, 48 hours in a row. Our longest break was in Vienna, Austria. There we wondered around the city a little bit and ate better food than the gas station food we had been eating for 36 hours. The city was so beautiful and we want to go back there for a few days.
The trip was actually pretty fun, although we were exhausted by the time we got here. But we had a lot of fun in the car and I had never been to Poland and Austria before, so I saw some new places too. The biggest surprise was that Czech Republic was really really beautiful. We arrived there in Friday morning and it was sunny and quite warm and there were a lot of beautiful mountains and big fields. I don’t have many pictures from the trip, but here they are:

the best gas station food in Estonia

The sign that says "good road" when you drive out of Tallinn

A perfect cup on coffee in a gas station café after a long night of driving in Poland

Czech Republic

Us in Vienna

We went to Starbucks in Vienna, we don't have Starbucks in Estonia:)

After the hard trip we finally arrived here, in Villa d'Ogna, Bergamo. Our village isn't very big, but there are still 4 bars, a shop, a cinema, an old town and so much more. The village is so so so beautiful. We live in the Alpes and there are so many beautiful mountains with snowy tops. I sometimes still can’t believe I’m living here. And there are palm trees. That’s like a really big deal for somebody who’s lived in Estonia their whole life. The weather is warmer. In Estonia there’s about 5 degrees right now, but here over  10 degrees. It’s not a big difference, but I can feel it. And it’s so sunny and gorgeous.
We have taken a lot of pictures in our village and the village next to us, Clusone. Clusone is a little bit bigger. I went to see Breaking Dawn part 2 there a couple of days ago, in Italian. Didn't understand much:). But I know the storyline and it was till so good, and sad.
Here are the pics:

Last week we visited Milan two days in a row. This fashion capital is only 80 km away from where we live. We walked around the beautiful il centro di Milano, visited piazza del Duomo and took many pictures of the Duomo. We shopped on corso Vittoria Emanuele II and went to the beautiful Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II. This time we didn't reach via Montenapoleone, the biggest shopping street in Milan, but next time.

The food here is absolutely delicious. Especially the pizzas, pastas and risottos in little restaurants, but even if we by food from supermarkets and prepare it ourselves, it’s still so good. Because they sell really good food in the stores. The best pasta, mozzarella di buffalo, ruccola, tomatoes etc in the world. And for dessert, there are amazing gelatos and sorbettos here. Even at the supermarkets. My favorites are fresh Tiramisu gelato and sorbetto al limone. Or, if you don’t want ice cream, you can just eat Mascarpone cheese with fresh berries and fruit.
More, the coffee here is amazing too. The Italian drink latte and cappuccino only in the mornings and later they drink espresso.  I guess the quality of coffee beans is just so much better here, because it tastes amazing:)
Extremely delicious home-made buffalo mozzarella salad

The first pasta I ate the first time we went eating here. After 48 hours of driving and eating in road-side cafés and diners. AMAZING pasta

I've been spending 24/7 with my family here, my little brother, mom, doggie. They’re the only people I know here. I want to share a few pictures of Willy and my baby brother.

This is obviously William

This is Jakob

This is Jakob's teddy bear

And this is me, happy in Italy with my curls:)
Photos by: me and my mother

And that’s it for now. I’m visiting Estonia from December 2nd to December 6thand if not before, I’ll definitely do a fashion post there with Anu.


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