Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Busy schoolgirl

Hello! I know I said I was gonna post more often now, but I have a good excuse. My photographer Anu was sick, so she was really lazy and couldn't come outside. Today's pictures are actually from yesterday, I forgot to post them.
On Monday we had a sports day at school. I'm not really good at sports compared to my classmates, but it was okay.
Yesterday I went running after school and then went shopping with my good friend Kata, who lives very close to me. I bought a fierce pair of boots, but it's too warm to wear them right now. Maybe in a month or something...
Today I really just did my homework and watched some TV series after school, very boring as I am.
Anu brought a virus to our home, now everyone else is sick, but Anu is pretty healthy now. I feel so sleepy and sick. Curse you, Anu!:)
Now about the outfit I wore yesterday. You have already seen this shirt I was wearing, but I also wore this really bright green jacket. I love the color so much. I also wore my usual black pants, two colorful bracelets, a black ring, my nude flats and a big black leather school bag. Enjoy the pics:)

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Read more for more outfit photos + to see what I'm wearing

Photos by: Anu

Shirt, pants, bracelets, ring: H&M, shoes: little shop in Paris, jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, bag: Gina Tricot

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