Monday, 13 August 2012

Pink bubblegum gurl

Hi everyone!! It's been incredibly long since my last fashion post:(. I'm terribly sorry for that, but I was away on my road trip and wore just very easy comfortable outfits. I'll do a big vacation post, when I get all the pictures(there are many).
So, after the road trip I went to my mum's work place's summer days event(suvepäevad in Estonian) and afterwards we were supposed to go on an Estonian tour with a RV we borrowed from a friend, but as we were passing Pärnu, I decided to stay here for a couple of days because I got tired of being on the road every day.
I was last in Tallinn on the 5th and I'm going back on the 23rd and I would really love to get some things from home, but unfortunately that's not possible.
Okay, enough about what I've been doing, this is still a fashion blog:). This outfit I wore today is not one of my favorites, but I still decided to post it. I wore a floral print top(floral print again), a pair of white jeans, a pink cardigan, my pink beach bag, a gray headband with leopard print and Anu's really weird flip flops(I didn't have any shoes that matched the outfit and she borrowed me these). I'm posting on my phone because I don't have my computer with me, so it would be really hard to add trend pictures + I don't really have one today. The shoot I with William and he looks really cute, as always:)

Ps! I have some really great different things coming up soon on this blog!;)

Photos by: Anu
Top: Madonna, jeans: Bershka, bag, headband: H&M, cardigan: S. Oliver, flip flops: some little shop in Pärnu


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