Friday, 24 August 2012

Blending in with the rain

Hellooo! The weather is bad. Like really really bad. I guess fall's coming:(. It's constantly raining and the sky is all grey. I realized today, that I have to go to school in A WEEK. Summer break went through so quickly. It wasn't even warm enough to be summer.
As I told you, we went to Helsinki on Wednesday. Of course it was really fun, I love shopping:). Plus we had such great company. Visiting the amusement park Linnanmäki was also very fun, I even took the scariest ride I thought I didn't have the courage to take, so I'm very proud of myself.
Yesterday we went to see te new Batman with Anu. The movie was really great. I didn't know that it is 3 hours long, so I was very surprised, when I looked at the time after the movie. I recommend it to everyone.
Today I went shopping for school stuff with my mum and baby brother. I don't want to use theem:(.
Right now we're watching Miss World 2012, although Estonia is not competing. Why are they wearing so hideous dresses?
Today I wore very casual dark clothes because of the rain: black jeans, denim jacket, a purple Joy Division top, sneakers and a small black bag with studs. I LOVE denim jackets. They're really easy to mix with plus I think they look really cool. They're also very trendy and popular right now, so they're today's fashion trend.
We even took today's photos in the rain, outside. Anu really wanted to shoot in the rain and I thought 'why not'.

More pictures of my outfit + cool denim jacket trends after the link

Photos by: Anu

Top, bag, pants: H&M, jacket: Bershka, sneakers: Vans

Trend pics:

Demi Lovato


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