Friday, 24 August 2012

Blending in with the rain

Hellooo! The weather is bad. Like really really bad. I guess fall's coming:(. It's constantly raining and the sky is all grey. I realized today, that I have to go to school in A WEEK. Summer break went through so quickly. It wasn't even warm enough to be summer.
As I told you, we went to Helsinki on Wednesday. Of course it was really fun, I love shopping:). Plus we had such great company. Visiting the amusement park Linnanmäki was also very fun, I even took the scariest ride I thought I didn't have the courage to take, so I'm very proud of myself.
Yesterday we went to see te new Batman with Anu. The movie was really great. I didn't know that it is 3 hours long, so I was very surprised, when I looked at the time after the movie. I recommend it to everyone.
Today I went shopping for school stuff with my mum and baby brother. I don't want to use theem:(.
Right now we're watching Miss World 2012, although Estonia is not competing. Why are they wearing so hideous dresses?
Today I wore very casual dark clothes because of the rain: black jeans, denim jacket, a purple Joy Division top, sneakers and a small black bag with studs. I LOVE denim jackets. They're really easy to mix with plus I think they look really cool. They're also very trendy and popular right now, so they're today's fashion trend.
We even took today's photos in the rain, outside. Anu really wanted to shoot in the rain and I thought 'why not'.

More pictures of my outfit + cool denim jacket trends after the link

Photos by: Anu

Top, bag, pants: H&M, jacket: Bershka, sneakers: Vans

Trend pics:

Demi Lovato


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Interview with Austrian fashion blogger Kate

This is something very special, I've been wanting to do for a long time. It's my first interview! It's with one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Kate from The Style Department. I really love her blog, because her posts are very down-to-earth and she knows the latest fashion trends. I asked her 15 questions and she was kind enough to answer them all!

Voyager Fashion: Why do you like blogging?
Kate: I like blogging because it gives me an outlet for my interest in fashion. A lot of my friends aren’t interested in fashion the way I am, so it also gives me the opportunity to virtually meet like-minded people.

VF: How long have you been blogging?
K: I have been blogging for about 4-5 months, and I am really enjoying it.

You want to see the whole interview? Click:

VF: Why did you start blogging?
K: I have wanted to start a blog since about 2008, but was too self-conscious about what my friends and people I know would think. I am a little upset that I didn't start earlier. This year I thought to myself, when I am 80 years old I am only going to be worried about the things I didn't do and not about the opportunities I took on and experienced.

VF: Who are your biggest style inspirations?
K: I guess celebrities and models. Other bloggers and street-style also influence the way I dress, but mostly I am inspired by different colors and detail shots. Also by movies and reading books, because a good book can really challenge your imagination and give you new ideas.

VF: What's your favorite outfit from your blog?
K: Here are five of my favorite looks:

VF: What are this summer's must-haves?
K: A great pair of jean shorts, actually shorts in general, white tops are always important for summer, I guess. This summer it would be wedge sneakers, white, colored and especially printed pants, pastel colors, and, as every summer, florals. Additionally a lot of colors and interesting leather pieces, which are still going strong the next season.

VF: What kind of music inspires you?
K: Really depends on my mood, if I am deciding what I am going to wear on a night out I would probably listen to a little more mainstream music, like Calvin Harris, Usher, MIA, MGMT, and different Djs. For day to day I am more likely to listen to Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Damien Rice, Oh Land. For dressing up for going to dinner and more elegant places, I like Sinatra and Nina Simone. As you can see from the long answer music plays an important role in my life;)

VF: Where are you from?
K: I am from Vienna, the capital of a little country in Europe called Austria.

VF: Can you describe the street style in the city you live in?
K: It is a little boring to be honest. Vienna is a city that has a lot of history and people are really proud of it. It also has the highest living quality in the world (yay!), but it lacks progress in the fashion area in my opinion. There are mostly two different ways people dress, you are either a „snob“ wearing Polo Shirts, Tod’s Loafers and Longchamp bags or „alternative hipster style“. These are of course the extremes, and there is a fashion week in Vienna, which is really cool, because it is open to public, and it slowly develops and you see different styles, but there is still a lot to be done.

VF: What do you plan on doing in the future?
K: To be honest, this is one of the most scariest questions one could ask;) I hope to further develop my blog and pursue some career in fashion, but first I have to finish my studies and I want to travel a lot.

VF: Who's your biggest supporter?
K: I would say my mom, because she takes a lot of my pictures and always makes time for it. Other then her of course my dad and my friends, who are all supportive, especially Laura. ( Hope she reads this;) )

VF: What is the last piece of clothing you bought?
K: It was a Hugo Boss Blazer for my mom I bought in the sale, because I knew she would love the color and she’s not the biggest fan of shopping and to thank her for her support. The last thing I bought for me, were actually 4 things, a striped and a nude top, a dress with a swallow print on it (very Miu Miu) and a white tee from H&M. As you can guess I was shopping for basics;)

VF: What do you do, when you're not busy blogging?
K: I study art history at the University of Vienna and business law at the University of Economics in Vienna. And of course meeting friends, traveling and going out with my boyfriend, like every other person does.

VF: What advice can you give to new bloggers?
K: Don’t think that your blog will be a success overnight. I first was really determined to get my blog super famous in a year, which of course is not possible, it takes time, persistance and a lot of work. Now that I know that I am much more relaxed when I blog and I have a lot more fun doing it. Because I do it for me and because it makes me happy, that’s more important, then getting things for free..although I wouldn't mind;)

VF Extra Question: Do you want to say anything to the Voyager Fashion readers?
K: First of all I want to thank the lovely Kaisa for asking me to do this interview on her amazing blog! You should definitely keep on reading and discovering new blogs, there is more out there then a handful of super famous blogs. Oh and please always give constructive criticism if you have time, we bloggers really do appreciate it.

Again, thank you so much, Kate for doing the interview and I hope I can do more interviews in the future, this was really fun:)


Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Ciao! It's so good to be back home. All my clothes are here:). And I know the whole city.
Today I had to do a biology project, so we went to the forest to pick some plants and leaves and stuff. Now we are at my dad's house with, Anu, Laura and my friend Hellu. We are having so much fun together, everyone is so nice, especially Hellu:). We are also going to Helsinki tomorrow all together. Every year my dad gives us a trip to Helsinki to shop and we also visit the amusement park Linnanmäki. It's gonna be so much fun!!!!!!!
I'm finally posting a new fashion post! I have been looking for a good maxi skirt since spring and I finally decided to buy this black see-through skirt. I really really wanted to wear it today, although we went to the forest. I also wore a simple T-shirt, a white jacket, colorful bracelets, a black ring, my usual black sandals and a black striped bag. Obviously today's trend is maxi skirts. These are so popular and beautiful. I really like pleated ones too. I'll post a lot of pictures.

Click on "read more" for more pictures of my outfit + gorgeous maxi skirts

Photos by: Anu

Skirt - Tally Weijl, top, bracelets: Terranova, bag: Vans, ring, shoes: H&M, jacket: Zara

Trend pics: