Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi everyone! Today was the hottest day so far this summer. We went to the beach with Anu, her friend Laura + Laura's family and stayed there for about 3 hours and we also went swimming twice. The water is actually quite warm, about 20C degrees. We also ate the best Italian ice cream in Estonia in our favorite ice cream shop near the beach.
Afterwards we went to a tivoli tour amusement park We had been to the Pärnu one before, but it just seemed so fun and it was:). We also took some pictures there + just around the city.
I'm going back to Tallinn on Sunday and then in a week we're going to our Scandinavian road trip!! I'm so excited about that, it's gonna be so fun!!
Anyways, today I wore a white outfit(a simple shirt + lace shorts) and added pink and blue details(headband, lipstick, bag and bracelets). I had to take the bag to the beach, although it didn't really match the outfit, but then we went shopping a little bit and found bracelets with pink and blue colors, so I decided to keep the bag.
Today's trend is actually headbands. They're so comfy and there are many different styles, which also look great. I'm a big Gossip Girl fan and they're always wearing headbands and look so cute:)

More outfit + trend pictures after the link

There's this fun monument for everyone thing in Pärnu:)
Photos by: Anu
Shirt, shorts: Zara, headband: Accessorize, shoes, bag: H&M, bracelets: Terranova

Cute headbands:


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