Thursday, 19 July 2012


Hi everyone! This time I warned you I'm not gonna post for a week:). We came back from south Estonia yesterday, so we were there for 6 days. The weather wasn't as good as we hoped, it was quite cold and rainy. But here in Tallinn, which is in north Estonia, is/was a really warm and sunny wether, so that's quite unfair, but I'll survive.:)
So there we stayed right by a lake, so we went swimming(although the water was quite cold for me). The vacation was very relaxing and I also got closer with my little brother.
Now I am back in Tallinn. Today I met my good friend(who was also in Pärnu with me). We went to see The Amazing Spider-Man and we're gonna have a girls night today, because my dad's family is in Pärnu, so the place is free! We're gonna watch some movies and have fun:).
I think I'll go to Pärnu again now. My mum's family is also going there on the weekend, so I don't have to take the bus.
Oooooh, I want to go travelling so so bad. I've been looking at big beautiful cities with Google Maps lately and it's driving my CRAZY. We're going to a Baltic sea countries road-trip soon(Sweden, Denmark, Bornholm island, Lithuania and Latvia). That'll be fun to, but I would really really like to go to like New York or London again.
About the moving-to-Italy plan. At first we wanted to move to Bergamo near Milan, but that's quite cold, so the next idea was Rome. We are currently looking for a rental apartment, but there are no good options. So our plan C is Palermo in Sicily. If we don't find a place in Rome, then that's the plan.
I'm also very very happy about all the positive feedback on my blog. Thank y'all!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!:D
Now about today's outfit. I wore a pair of short overalls. I feel like a painter when I'm wearing them:). These pants are so fun and comfortable. I think they look quite good too:). I also wore a brown top. The funnest part about this top is the back. You can guess that on the pictures. Also blue sandals and my classic brown bag + round sunglasses. The pictures also feat William:)

Click for more pics + some killer overalls:)

Me and Mammu:)
Photos by: Mammu

Overalls: Lindex, top, sunglasses: H&M, shoes: trand Express


So cute:)

oooo Kaisa

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