Sunday, 22 July 2012

Navy peplum

Hi readers! I am back in Pärnu now. I know it's my third time this summer, but there's just something so mesmerizing about this little summer resort city. This time I'm staying for about a week. I don't have William with me, but I already miss him.
Yesterday my mom's family also came to Pärnu, but they went to a motorcycle competition. I came to the city in the morning with William and hanged out with my relatives, who happened to be here too. We went to the beach. Although it's not allowed to take dogs to the big beach, we still went with William, but we just stayed behind some chairs.In the evening my mom came to pick up Willy and now I'm here with my dad's family.
Today we met Anu's friend Laura and went to our favorite little Italian ice cream place. After that we walked to the city center and visited Pärnu's biggest malls. The malls were quite deserted, although it is Sunday. But that's just Pärnu:).
Now about my outfit. I finally tried the peplum style. I wore a striped peplum top, white jeans, a little beige bag. I didn't bring enough shoes to Pärnu, so I had to wear the light blue shoes. To make the outfit less all-over-the-place, I also wore a pair of ray-ban style sunglasses with light blue edges. Peplum style is really popular this summer. Both skirts and tops are very nice, but I just liked this striped top.

More style pictures + fabulous peplum skirts and tops after the link:

Photos by: Anu

Top: Lindex, jeans: Bershka, shoes: Trend Express, bag: New Yorker, sunglasses: Seppälä

Trend pics:


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