Thursday, 5 July 2012

A terrorist

Hi lovelies! I have to apologize again for not posting in such a long time. This has really been the biggest break. But I have a good excuse. It is summer! So I've just been chillin' at home in my PJs, so there has really been nothing to blog about.
I've also been taking Italian lessons again. This time they are private lessons, so it's easier to understand, but at the same time I have to know everything.
But I've got some great plans. Today I'm going to ├Ľllesummer. That's an annual festival with many different concerts. This year there are for example Mika(today) and Manic Street Preachers plus a lot of Estonian artists. 
Tomorrow I'm going to Helsinki(Finland). Of couse we're going shopping:). So more interesting fashion posts are coming up.
Now about my look. I wore a turban + white pants, a nude top, a pink bag and my lovely silver shoes. Turbans are so comfortable and easy. You can wear a really simple outfit and make it interesting with a nice colorful turban. I got this idea from an Italian fashion blog Cosa Mi Metto???. You can see a tutorial when you click on the link below.

Photos by: Anu

Scarf(turban), shirt: H&M, pants: Bershka, shoes: little shop in Turkey

Pictures of turbans:

Fabrizia from Cosa Mi Metto???


See her turban post here


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