Tuesday, 31 July 2012


ARGHHH!! I'm so angry right now. I spent half an hour writing this happy long post and then I wanted to add pictures, but there was this sign "Not found. Error 404" instead of the picture box and I couldn't close it, so I have to write the whole thing again:(((. It's pretty late, so I don't know, if my English is that good at the moment.
Anyways, I'm back in my home town Tallinn for a week. I plan to meet up with a lot of friends and go see a lot of movies, like I did today. I met my friend Brigitta aka Briks and we went to see Step Up 4. Step Up movies are always very fun and fascinating and this part was very good + I have been to Miami, so the views of the city were very great.
Before meeting Briks I had an Italian lesson. It was also very fun and I think I'm getting quite good at it:).
When I got home, we had guests. My relative was here with her cute little BEAGLE puppy Gen!! She is so cute and funny and also good friends with William, so we all played together. Now I want to go visit her again. I'm such a dog person. Team dogs all the way. I don't know, cats just seem so arrogant and evil and mean. Dogs are so happy and friendly and your best friends. It's so great to come home, when a cute little dog comes to greet you and is soo happy that you came.
Okay, enough about dogs. Now let's talk fashion. You already know these floral print shorts I wore today. I was choosing a top for today, when I pumped into this awesome beauty. This top's got a ruffle, studs(hell yes) and these fun spring-things I like to play with. I combined these items with my transparent turquoise bag, a light pink cardigan and a pair of pink sandals. I also had pink lipstick on. Studs are EVERYWHERE! They're on shorts, jackets, shoes(!), accessories, nails(!), collars, bags and so on. They're like the absolute must-have. You have to have studded something. Designers are very creative when it comes to studs, but I have nothing against it, so keep on studding!:)
I have to apologize for the pictures. It was already dark outside when we had time to take the pictures, so they aren't very good. Anu is in Põltsamaa at her grandmother's place and I forgot to ask Briks to take them, so my mum had to take today's pics. But you can still see most of the outfit, so here they are!

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Photos by: my mum

Shorts, bag: H&M, bracelets: Terranova, top: Madonna, cardigan: St. Oliver, shoes: Pepe Jeans

The cutest pic ever of Gen


Trend pictures:


Saturday, 28 July 2012


Today was our third day at the beach in a row! Like I thought, the beach was very crowded today, because it's the weekend and everything. But the water was still great and today the weather was even hotter, than yesterday. Although in the afternoon, it went cloudy. Then we came back home.
In the evening we went to the small Mai cinema again to see Dark Shadows. That movie theater is so small compared to the ones in Tallinn. There are 2 movies at once, but it's the only one in Pärnu, so we still go there.
When the movie ended at 11 pm, it was still warm outside, so we felt like we were abroad. It is not usually that warm in Estonia.
As I said yesterday, I'm going back to Tallinn tomorrow. I'm very sad to leave Pärnu, but now I get to see William and my little brother! I miss them like crazy! I'm also gonna spend some time with my friends.
On to fashion now. Today I wore a yellow outfit with golden details: a yellow top with golden buttons, my denim shorts(again), my yellow clutch(again), my black sandals(again), a golden ring and a golden hair cuff. I really like these cuffs that go around a ponytail. It's a great way to make your comfortable everyday ponytail look cooler + I like doing different stuff with my hair.

More hairstyle + outfit pics after "read more"

Photos by: Anu

Top, shoes, ring, hair cuff, bag: H&M, shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch

xxxxo Kaisa

Friday, 27 July 2012

Picnic at the beach

Hi guys! Today was a really wonderful day. We spent most of the day at the beach. The water is getting warmer and warmer. Today it was 22C degrees. There were 25 000 people at the beach today, so it was crowded, although it's not the weekend yet. It is gonna be crazy crowded tomorrow, but I think we're still gonna go to the beach.
In the evening we had a lovely picnic at the beach with Anu and Laura. We went to the picnic spot through water from our house and we walked for about an hour, so I'm very tired. 
The picnic was very nice. We ate a lot of fresh fruit and chocolate and other stuff. We also took today's pictures there.
I'm going back to Tallinn on Sunday :( . We have beaches in Tallinn too, but the water is much colder and these beaches aren't as nice as the ones here in Pärnu.
Today I wore my neon clutch, bracelet and shirt again. I matched them with my denim shorts and a transparent cuff necklace. Although my hair and feeling were very beachy today, my outfit wasn't. But it was fun to stand out with vibrant neon colors.

More pics after the break

Photos by: Anu

Wearing: Top, bag, bracelet, necklace: H&M, shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch


Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi everyone! Today was the hottest day so far this summer. We went to the beach with Anu, her friend Laura + Laura's family and stayed there for about 3 hours and we also went swimming twice. The water is actually quite warm, about 20C degrees. We also ate the best Italian ice cream in Estonia in our favorite ice cream shop near the beach.
Afterwards we went to a tivoli tour amusement park We had been to the Pärnu one before, but it just seemed so fun and it was:). We also took some pictures there + just around the city.
I'm going back to Tallinn on Sunday and then in a week we're going to our Scandinavian road trip!! I'm so excited about that, it's gonna be so fun!!
Anyways, today I wore a white outfit(a simple shirt + lace shorts) and added pink and blue details(headband, lipstick, bag and bracelets). I had to take the bag to the beach, although it didn't really match the outfit, but then we went shopping a little bit and found bracelets with pink and blue colors, so I decided to keep the bag.
Today's trend is actually headbands. They're so comfy and there are many different styles, which also look great. I'm a big Gossip Girl fan and they're always wearing headbands and look so cute:)

More outfit + trend pictures after the link

There's this fun monument for everyone thing in Pärnu:)
Photos by: Anu
Shirt, shorts: Zara, headband: Accessorize, shoes, bag: H&M, bracelets: Terranova

Cute headbands:


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