Friday, 1 June 2012

Hard working

Hello!! I'm so sorry I didn't post any pics and THE SPECIAL yesterday, like I promised. I found out around 3 o'clock that I had to go to work at 5 and I got home at half past 12, exhausted. So I really couldn't post anything yesterday.
Today I'm also working, this time TWELVE hours, from 11 to 11, so I can't post the special today also. I'm so so sorry. But I'm absolutely sure, that I'm gonna post it tomorrow. This time I'm not breaking my promise.
Okay, let's now talk about yesterday. I had only three classes at school and then I had to bring my books to school. After all of that I met my friend and it was fun. I saw her cute little dog again:). Then me and Anu were supposed to have a pizza and movie night, but I had to go to work, so we had a pizza and dish-washing night(I usually work as a waitress, but they had a dish-washing crises). Not so fun, but we were still happy, because we were together.
Fortunately I still have pics from yesterday, that we took right after my school.
Yesterday I wore a denim shirt + a military color skirt and a pair of classical brown oxfords. Denim shirts are really popular and "in" right now. They're really fun to play with. The classical look is denim shirt with white jeans of black jeans or something like that, but I like to mix it with different skirts and patterns.
Yesterday's pics:

Photos by: Anu

Pictures of the trend:

The cutest little fashionista:)


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