Friday, 29 June 2012

busy busy busy.

Hi everyone! The last few days have been crazy. The day before yesterday my other little brother was born! He is a really really big baby. He is a lot bigger than my other brother, although he is almost 1 month old. The new brother is so different from the other brother, but he is still really cute.
I also went to the cinema again today. This time I went with my friend from class, who I hadn't seen in the summer, to see Magic-Mike. I don't know what to say about this movie. I quite liked it, but all the drugs and partying were pretty awful.
We are back in Pärnu!!!! I have been missing this little summer capital. The last time we planned to come here for a long time, but this time it was pretty spontaneous. My dad, step-mum and the baby are still in the hospital and Anu's grandmother invited us here. There is also a festival called Hansapäevad(Hansa days) in the city, which Anu really wanted to visit, so we're going there tomorrow.
Now on to fashion. Today I discovered my old leopard print dress and decided to wear it. The weather is pretty cold, so I had to wear a leather jacket. And I also wore a pair of silver gladiators. I'm quite surprised that leopard print is still so popular. At first it was all about leopard print scarves and tops etc. But now leopard print pants, shoes and accessories are more popular. As you can guess, it's today's trend inspiration.:)

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Dress: Macy's, jacket: H&M, sandals: little shop in Turkey

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