Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I got the globe, yeah, in the palm of my hand. Wherever I spin it, that's where I land

Oh, I wish I had a globe that would take me to wherever I want. I'm getting really tired of sitting here in Estonia. We're not going on a trip anytime soon, because both my parents are having babies. Well, I think I'll go to Helsinki soon, but I don't really consider that a voyage:).
My days are getting more and more boring. Today I didn't do ANYTHING after school. I just watched Glee:). Maybe I'll meet my friend soon, but I'm not so sure about that.
I hate Tuesdays, because then it feels like the week is almost over, when really it's not, it's just starting. And there's also nothing interesting on TV:)
Having fun is not really my thing. I'm good at other things. Like you can read from the next paragraph.
Today I wore a black shirt with a studded collar. Studded collars are also very "in" right now. You can also put some studs or spangles or whatever on yourself. Anyways, I combined my shirt with white pants, sneakers and I colored it up with a bright light red blazer.
Enjoy the pictures:

Photos by: Anu

There are a lot of different studded collars:


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