Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday night and the lights are low, looking out for the place to go

Hello hey everyone! Today we had a cooking class at school, where we made Jamie Oliver's puree soup and rhubarb muffins. It turned out pretty good:)
I'm OBSESSED with the GIFboom app, so I'll be posting a lot of GIFs on this blog:9 Hope you don't mind. You can also follow me @KaisaHanna .
I'm so depressed right now. It's Friday night and I'm just sitting at home writing in my blog... Maybe we'll go ride our scooter later with my sister. I'm such a boring person.
Anyways, on to more interesting things:). Today I wore a disco outfit: white pants and jacket plus golden shirt and jewelry. Golden jewelry is very popular at the moment. You can combine it with almost everything, but then you have to be careful, that the look won't become 'too much'. My hair is looking really weird, just a bad hair day.
Pictures of today's look:

Behind the scenes:)
Photos by: Anu

GIFboom obsession:

Pics of the golden trend:


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