Sunday, 27 May 2012

Busy weekend

Bonsoir! The weekend is ALREADY over :( . I feel like it's Friday night, not Sunday night. Fortunately there're only 2 weeks of school left and the last week we're going on a trip, so basically only one week.
Now about this weekend. On Saturday I was working at my mum's restaurant and later I went shopping and my friend came over + of course we watched Eurovision :) . So my Saturday was way more interesting, than my Friday:)
Today we went to our land in the countryside. My dad just bought plot and there's no house yet, but we went to see it and some beaches near it. We also went to our friend's house.
This weekend's outfits were more comfortable, than fashionable. On Saturday I had to be dressed in black for work and I don't have any pictures of it. Today I wore a nude top, jeans, yellow Converses and a brown bag(also my round sunglasses:) ). My love for GIFboom continuous, so I'm also gonna post some new GIFs:).
Pics from today:

Me and Anu making a GIF:)
Photos by: Enu


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